Adopted: Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc’s new family came to Java Cats looking for guidance in their quest to find a young cat who would be compatible with their kitty at home, Storm. Sweet-natured and calm, Joanie immediately came to mind as a good fit. The family spent time with her in the cat lounge to get to know her, and they agreed — it was a match! When Adoption Day rolled around, Joanie was ready and seemed so pleased that her new family had chosen her.


Joanie’s new mom has shared with us that they have adoption anniversaries and birthday celebrations at their house, and everyone is excited to celebrate Joanie’s birthday in April. She also sent us some photos of Joanie enjoying her new home, and had this to say about the transition:


Things are going really well with Joanie! It took a few hours on Sunday for her to become adjusted to her new room, but by Sunday night she was out from under the bed ready for all the pets. Her full personality is now on display, and we are so thrilled to have her! (She is actually right next to me as I type this wondering why she doesn’t have my full attention.)


Thank you for all your help throughout this process!


We’re delighted for Joanie and her new family. Happy tails to all!



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