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Archive for November 2018

Adopted: Buzz

Buzz can be a bit of a grump sometimes, but that is just part of his charm. He is calm, cool, and collected, with an occasionally affectionate nature. He could be crabby at times in the cat lounge, and he wasn’t always willing to accept attention, but when he was in the mood he could…

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Adopted: Parker

Parker was born at the HSCC, to mom Genevieve. He was in the very first batch of HSCC kitties to go to Java Cats Café Meowietta, and although he had been somewhat reserved at the shelter, he launched himself into a different role at Java Cats: official greeter of humans and protector of cats! Parker…

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Adopted: Beau and Marceau

Beau and Marceau are intensely bonded siblings, so it was required that they be adopted together. That turned out not to be a problem, as their new family fell head over heels for both of them and wouldn’t have dreamed of splitting them up!   These two boys have been BFFs their entire lives; they…

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Adopted: Wendy

Wendy spent most of her time at Java Cats Meowietta curled up by herself. She was a loner who preferred her own company — until the day one particular lady visited the lounge. There was an instant connection between them, to the point that Wendy went to her and snuggled into her lap almost immediately.…

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