Site work begins

Enormous stumps!

We have officially entered the construction phase of our new building project! The first step of this journey was tree removal. The removal crew worked hard over a period of days to get this done, and it was quite the undertaking. There were several difficult trees and a couple of particularly large old specimens.


We hated to lose this big old tree, but it was diseased and presented a danger.

It is always heartbreaking to lose old trees, and we spent significant time consulting with an arborist and considering the impact that various site plan configurations would have on our existing trees. There was one enormous old tree we were particularly concerned about and hoped to save, but the arborist determined that this tree was diseased. We were advised that it would need to be removed within a couple of years regardless of our construction plans because it was actively dying and presented a danger. The tree removal crew was kind enough to save a wedge of this majestic tree’s trunk for us to remember it by. We are still discussing ideas about how to best use the wedge; stay tuned for updates!


Our landscaping plan includes the installation of 12 new trees to replace the trees we’ve lost. The new trees were chosen from the City of Marietta’s approved tree list and include native species appropriate for the site.


To learn more about the project and our plans for the future, please see our detailed overview.


Progress pictures, looking toward the northeast.

Progress pictures, looking toward the northwest.



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