Emily’s Story

We recently pulled six kitties from Cobb County Animal Services (CCAS) who require varying degrees of medical attention. Emily’s case is the most extreme of the six, and she is in need of all the thoughts, prayers, and good vibes she can get!


Emily is a petite girl, white with medium-length hair, who is approximately 10 years old. She and her companion, Zooey, were owner surrenders to CCAS. Upon intake, they were both emaciated and suffering from substantial hair loss due to flea allergies. Emily is in much worse condition than her companion; upon pulling her, it was clear that she had minimal, if any, vision. The vision loss was originally thought to be the result of high blood pressure, but further investigation was warranted. Preliminary x-rays taken by our vet partner showed some abnormalities, so we decided it would be best for Emily to stay at the clinic overnight for further diagnostics.


The following morning, we received a clearer picture of her condition. All of Emily’s injuries are manifested on the right side of her body. Several of her ribs and some cartilage are detached from her spine, and multiple ribs are broken. In addition, she has suffered a head trauma, which is the likely cause of her vision loss. The area of her right-side lung displays possible blood clots and/or major infection from her injuries. All of these combined strongly suggest that Emily suffered one or more powerful kicks to her small frame.


At this point, no surgery would be helpful. Her vision seems to be improving, with fluctuations in her sight abilities and pupil dilations. Hopefully, her ribs will heal without complications; in the meantime, we are managing her pain and infection risk with antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and lots of TLC. She will also benefit from her strong will to survive.


Emily is currently sharing an enclosure with Zooey in the quarantine/intake area of our facility; this is a quiet space where she can rest and recover in the company of her beloved companion. Since their arrival, Emily and Zooey have been engaging in a great deal of mutual comforting. They truly rely on each other, and despite their suspected prior mistreatment by humans, they are very trusting and look for security and reassurance from caring people.


We can only speculate about what their lives were like before, but it is clear that they love and depend on each other. We intend to give them both the happy, safe lives they deserve, together. But first, Emily must overcome her injuries and pull through this. We and she will be grateful for any thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. If you would like to donate toward the costs of her care, please visit https://humanecobb.com/ways-to-give/donate/.


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