Lily’s Story and Update

When two Good Samaritans spotted the dirty, emaciated cat being shooed away from a restaurant, they knew she needed help, but they couldn’t know just how much. They scooped her up and, not knowing what else to do, took her to Hadyn Hilton, owner of Java Cats Café.


When no owner stepped up to claim her, Hadyn took her in and gave her food, shelter, and love. She named the scrawny little cat Lily and promised her a better life. When it became clear that Lily was struggling with extensive health issues, Hadyn turned to the Humane Society of Cobb County for help, and that is when we brought her under our care.


Little did any of us know the extent of the cruel life Lily had endured thus far.


The HSCC and our partner vets began the process of unraveling Lily’s health issues. She was immediately found to be suffering from severe congestion and discharge, mild pneumonia, and stomatitis, an extremely painful mouth condition. These issues could explain some of Lily’s difficulties, but not all, so further investigation was warranted.


X-rays revealed the terrible truth: A fragmented bullet or pellet was lodged in Lily’s chest. There is no evidence of an entry wound, so Lily has been living with this for a long time. Due to its location, the surgery to remove it could be high-risk and require the skills of a specialist.


We are committed to providing Lily with all the care she needs to become well again. The list of what she needs is long:


  • Antibiotics and nebulizing sessions for her pneumonia and congestion, to be followed by further diagnostic nasal swab cultures
  • Multiple teeth extractions, accompanied by a full dental for her remaining teeth, once she is stable enough to endure anesthesia
  • Additional x-rays to more precisely determine the location of the bullet/pellet, and surgery to remove it


Lily is receiving love, care, and kindness, perhaps for the first time in her life. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that she recovers from this trauma and can enjoy a new life filled with comfort and joy!



Update: January 2019

Thank you for the generous support we have received to help Lily on her path to recovery.

Through dedication, patience, and much love from the staff at the HSCC and our vet partners, Lily received the medical care she needed to get her to good health. She endured major dental surgery to extract all of her teeth; Lily no longer suffers from pain due to stomatitis and thoroughly enjoys dry kibble possibly for the first time in her life.

After months of treatments to help overcome her other health conditions, we were able to transition her to one of our free-roam cat rooms.

We discovered her fascination with balls and her ability to entertain herself for hours with toys similar to Turbo Scratchers. She will cohabitate with and tolerate other cats on her own sassy terms but prefers two-legged human companions. It is a joy to see Lily simply be a cat without dealing with fear and the need to scavenge for food to survive.

Recently Lily joined some fellow HSCC kitties at Java Cats Café Meowietta with the hope to give her some additional adoption exposure and opportunity. Unfortunately, within a week her health was compromised and Lily became congested again.

Now she is being cared for at the HSCC facility and receiving nebulizing treatments 3 times a day until she gets back to health again. It appears that Lily will need some minimal ongoing congestion maintenance, but this sweet girl is well worth it!

The bullet remains within, as it does not appear to be troublesome to her and surgery to remove it could put Lily at great risk due to its location. She is definitely “Tuff Stuff” for sure!

If you feel that Lily may be a good fit for your home, please call 770-428-5678 to speak to an adoption counselor. She is spayed and current on vaccinations.




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