Breed/Appearance: Orange/white tabby

Sex: Male

Hair Length: Short

Size: Large

DOB: 02/2015

Age: Adult

My name is Randall, and I’m a big boy with a distinctive look! I can be a little shy when I first meet new people, but I warm up quickly. I’m calm, cool, and independent, and I communicate so much via my body language — for this reason, I prefer a home with an experienced cat owner who’s familiar with the subtleties of kitty communication and can read my cues. For example, I like to sprawl out on my back with my front paws curled. Lots of unsuspecting humans would see this as an invitation to give me a belly rub, but a person who’s fluent in feline would be wary and think (correctly), “This could be a trap!”


I’ll often come running to my human friends to lean into their legs and purr like a motor. I can also be playful and am amused by favorite toys. I’m not a lap cat but I love human companionship, similar to a person who’s not a hugger but is still highly social. I enjoy rolling around on rugs and carpet, and I particularly like wrestling with other kitties who share my enthusiasm for that kind of play. If my new home has another resident cat, s/he will need to be on board with my rough-and-tumble playstyle.


I’m definitely a character, and I seek a home with someone who will appreciate my unique ways and allow me to be myself! I do well with other like-minded cats, and I’d probably even pal around with a relaxed dog, but I’d be fine as an only pet, too. I should also do well with children older than toddler age.


If you think I would be a good fit for your home, please make a reservation to come meet me at the Java Cats Café Meowietta cat lounge! I have been neutered and microchipped and am up to date on all my vaccinations.