Rose and Jynn (BONDED PAIR)

Breed/Appearance: Black (Rose) and black & white (Jynn)

Sex: Female

Hair Length: Short

Size: Medium

DOB: 04/2019

Age: Kitten/Puppy

Rose and Jynn are bonded sisters who came to the HSCC with their mother as part of the “Star Wars” litter (their other two siblings are named Rey and Padme). Of the four babies, these two bonded so closely that we decided they need to stay together.


Rose is the smaller of the pair, but don’t let her size fool you — her personality is mighty! She’s adaptable and driven, usually figuring out a clever way to achieve whatever she sets her mind to. She’s social, playful, and outgoing, and is very much the yin to Jynn’s yang.


Jynn is the more introverted of this dynamic duo. She’s initially more reserved and cautious than her sociable sister, but once she becomes confident and comfortable with her surroundings, her playful side emerges. Jynn looks to Rose for security, and Rose looks after her.


These two are still kittens, so they require lots of interactive playtime and human attention. They’d do well as the only pets in a home, or as companions to another amiable cat or dog. They’d also do well with gentle older children. Jynn in particular will need time to acclimate to a new environment, so a patient, calm household would be ideal.


If you think Rose and Jynn would be a good fit for your home, please make a reservation to come meet them at the Java Cats Café Meowietta cat lounge! They have been spayed and microchipped and are up to date on all their vaccinations.