Mistletoe and Elf (BONDED PAIR)

Breed/Appearance: Calico (Mistletoe) and white w/ black (Elf)

Sex: Female, Male

Hair Length: Short

Size: Large

DOB: 11/2013

Age: Adult


Mistletoe and Elf are siblings who came to us, along with their sister Snowflake, during the holiday season (hence the festive names). These two are a bonded pair who must be adopted together, and it would be even better for the whole trio to find a home together! All three siblings are FIV+.



Mistletoe and Elf enjoy the company of people and will happily hang out with human friends. They also take comfort and joy in each other and like to spend their days napping, playing, and lounging on cat shelves in their shared suite.


Both kitties love toys, and they each have their own playstyle. Elf is a fan of wand toys and will play with them endlessly, while Mistletoe loves toe-tapping small toys around the floor. Both take great pride in “catching” a toy, announcing the find, and bringing it to you for praise and accolades. They’re also talkers and will chat with human friends and each other. Like most siblings, they have the occasional disagreement, but all is quickly forgiven and they’re back to their snuggly ways within minutes.


Both are slightly overweight, so scheduled feeding is in their best interest. They LOVE food, but keeping their weight in check will help keep them healthy. They’re accustomed to receiving daily supplements (lysine and a probiotic) to help maintain their health, along with a nutritional diet. They’re good with gentle children and would make wonderful companion pets. HSCC staff are readily available to discuss FIV with anyone interested in adopting an FIV+ kitty, so please feel free to reach out with questions.


If you think Mistletoe and Elf would be a good fit for your home, please call 770-428-LOST (5678) to set up an appointment to come meet them! They have been spayed/neutered and microchipped and are up to date on all their vaccinations.