Milo and Otis (BONDED PAIR)

Breed/Appearance: black/cream swirl tabby (Milo), tabby/Siamese bobtail (Otis)

Sex: Male

Hair Length: Short

Size: Medium

DOB: 03/2019

Age: Kitten/Puppy

Milo and Otis are young siblings who are tightly bonded and so must be adopted together. These sweet boys adore each other and complete each other — perhaps we should have named them Yin and Yang! Milo is the caretaker, and Otis takes comfort in his brother being nearby. They sleep together, play together, and lounge together. A movie could be made from the ongoing adventures of this dynamic duo: “The Antics of Milo and Otis”!


Milo is a black and cream tabby with unique swirl patterns, while Otis has a more Siamese appearance and is a bobtail. Otis is a bit “coordination-challenged,” but he makes up for any clumsiness with his striking good looks. Big brother Milo is always within paw’s reach to swoop in after any less-than-graceful moments to make sure Otis is okay. These two were at the Java Cats Meowietta cat lounge for a while, but the environment became a bit overwhelming for Milo, so we brought him back to the HSCC to let him regain his bearings. Otis began pining for his brother immediately, so they’re now reunited at our shelter and will remain together in a free-roam cat room here until they find their forever home.


These boys might look mellow and drowsy in some of their photos, but when they’re active, the energy flows! Everything is a toy to these two, and an intense curiosity propels them. Milo’s three speeds are 1) full steam ahead, 2) snuggle mode, and 3) sleepy time, while the three modes of Otis are 1) everything’s a toy, 2) must find Milo, and 3) sleepy time. When they’re not zooming around, they’re loving and affectionate toward people. They’re good with children and would possibly do well with an affable dog. Their ideal home environment would be moderately active but not hectic.


If you think Milo and Otis would be a good fit for your home, please call 770-428-LOST (5678) to set up an appointment to come meet them! They have been neutered and microchipped and are up to date on all their vaccinations.