Breed/Appearance: Grey tabby

Sex: Female

Hair Length: Short

Size: Medium

DOB: 08/2017

Age: Young Adult

My name is Marley, and I am sweet and petite! When the HSCC pulled me from Cobb County Animal Services, I was very pregnant — in fact, I gave birth that same day, to four healthy babies. One has since been adopted, and the other three are safe and sound at the HSCC’s no-kill shelter where they await their forever homes.


Before my rescue, I had spent most of my life as a stray, occasionally visiting a kind couple at their home when I needed help. I started having babies when I was still a baby myself, but thankfully those days are behind me now. I’ve been spayed and have weaned my last litter, so now I’m looking forward to finally enjoying some “me time”!


For the first time in my life, I know I’m safe, so I can relax and share friendship with those around me. I love people, and I thrive on human attention and affection. I’m also learning to intermingle with other cats, and I think I like it! I enjoy sharing head butts with my fellow felines here and have made some new buddies. I can be energetic and playful, with an enthusiasm for ping pong balls and other toys. I’m also inquisitive and smart — I solve puzzles easily, and I’m quick to discover spaces that I perhaps should not be accessing! For this reason, I require a secure environment with no accessible “rabbit holes.”


You might notice in my photos that one of my ears is missing its tip. The origin of this injury is a mystery; it’s not a TNR (trap-neuter-return) tip, as it’s too deep, it’s on the wrong ear, and I was pregnant when rescued! How it happened is a secret for only me to know. The nice people at the HSCC hope it wasn’t a case of cruelty, but the important thing now is that it’s all healed up and it doesn’t hurt or bother me in any way.


I’d do best in a household with a low to medium level of activity. I’d be great with gentle older children, other affable kitties, and probably even a mild-mannered dog. I need a family that won’t be absent for long periods of time, so that I won’t get into any playful mischief! I’m young at only two years old, but I’ve had to struggle up until now, so my personality is still evolving and emerging. I’m a sweet, special kitty with so much to offer, and I hope for a loving forever home where I’ll be allowed to blossom in my own way and on my own schedule.


If you think I would be a good fit for your home, please call 770-428-LOST (5678) to set up an appointment to come meet me! I have been spayed and microchipped and am up to date on all my vaccinations.