Breed/Appearance: Calico

Sex: Female

Hair Length: Long

Size: Medium

DOB: 05/2009

Age: Senior

My name is Kindness, and as you can see in my photos, I’m a stunning and majestic calico with long silky fur and bright green eyes. When I first came to the HSCC with my two siblings, we were all very shy and didn’t want to interact with anyone, but those days are behind me now! I can still be a bit aloof around strangers, but get to know me and the love will flow. If I’m not catnapping, I’ll come running when human friends approach. I love to get scratches between my ears, but my favorite spot is at the base of my tail — rub me there and I’ll raise my bum in the air in the universal language of kitty bliss!


I enjoy the coziness of cat huts and cuddle caves, not because I’m hiding but because I like to snuggle into a secure nest. I also enjoy quiet conversation, and while I seldom speak, I can share a thousand meows with my expressive eyes and body language. All the humans here at the HSCC say that I’m an absolute gem who will flourish in a home environment if given the space and time to acclimate.


I’d do best in a quiet household that offers a calm, consistent environment (I’m not a fan of frequent change!). I get along well with other relaxed kitties, and I should also be fine with a mild-mannered dog and/or gentle children older than toddler age. My long luxurious fur does require maintenance, so my family must be willing to brush me regularly.


If you think I would be a good fit for your home, please call 770-428-LOST (5678) to set up an appointment to come meet me! I have been spayed and microchipped and am up to date on all my vaccinations.