Breed/Appearance: Tortoiseshell

Sex: Female

Hair Length: Short

Size: Medium

DOB: 09/2019

Age: Young Adult

My name is Kali, and I came to the HSCC as a young mom. All of my babies except two have found their forever homes — bonded pair Cosmo and Jupiter are here at Java Cats Meowietta with me, seeking their own special family, just like I am.


Torties have a reputation for being sassy, but I’ve broken that mold. I’m super sweet, calm, attentive, and a prolific talker. I’m a professional greeter and take my job seriously! I like to present my fabulous self wherever things are happening so that I can enjoy the company of others, both human and feline.


I get along well with other cats, and I’d probably pal around with a mellow small to mid-size dog. I’d also welcome a home with gentle children.


If you think I would be a good fit for your home, please make a reservation to come meet me at the Java Cats Café Meowietta cat lounge! I have been spayed and microchipped and am up to date on all my vaccinations.