Breed/Appearance: White

Sex: Female

Hair Length: Long

Size: Medium

DOB: 04/2009

Age: Senior

My name is Emily, and I’ve weathered some tough times on my journey! I was originally an owner turn-in to Cobb County Animal Services with my feline companion, Zooey. We were both in bad shape, but my condition was much worse. When the HSCC pulled us and brought us to their no-kill shelter, I was in such dire straits that they shared my story along with a plea for help to aid in my recovery! You can read my full intake story at https://humanecobb.com/2019/04/15/emilys-story. The short version is that I was emaciated, covered with bald patches, and suffering from multiple severe injuries, including three fractured ribs, six ribs detached from my spine, and numerous old injuries that had healed over.


Fast-forward to the present day, and I’m in a MUCH happier state! My road to recovery was long — for a while, Zooey stayed by my side as I recuperated, and she helped me through the worst of it. A time came when it was in both of our best interests for Zooey to transition to a free-roam cat room, while I continued to focus on healing. After much TLC from staff and volunteers, I was finally out of the woods and healthy, so I was able to join the same free-roam cat room and reunite with Zooey! After we got reacquainted, we transitioned together to the cat lounge at Java Cats Meowietta, and now we’re looking for our forever home together as a bonded pair.


I’m an older girl, and despite my painful past, I love people and have the potential to be a major lap cat! I enjoy being held, and I soak up human attention. I also enjoy being brushed, which my long fur requires on a regular basis. I’m a big fan of food and eating, so I’ll need a caring human to keep an eye on my weight. I’ve made a full recovery from my prior injuries, but I do have some lingering eye issues. I have teary eyes, which can cause staining of my beautiful white fur, but regular administration of artificial tears keeps it at bay. I also have wide pupil dilation at times, but my eye specialist has determined that my vision is fine.


I’d do best in a quiet home, and I’d certainly enjoy sunny windows for basking! I’d probably be okay with a mellow dog and/or gentle children. Zooey and I must be adopted together; see her bio page to learn more about her.


If you think Zooey and I would be a good fit for your home, please make a reservation to come meet us at the Java Cats Café Meowietta cat lounge! We have been spayed and microchipped and are up to date on all our vaccinations.