Adopted: Emily and Zooey

We get excited every time we place an animal in a forever home, but the case of Emily and Zooey is particularly heartwarming, and just in time for the holidays!


These two came to us together in the Spring of 2019, and they were in dire straits upon arrival. At that time we posted a story about their intake, and what we were able to piece together about their history. Both cats were in rough shape, but Emily’s condition was most urgent; we weren’t sure if she’d make it, so we reached out to our supporters for help, prayers, and good vibes.


Emily did pull through, and following their recovery and recuperation, these two tightly bonded kitties transitioned from a free-roam cat room at our no-kill shelter to the Java Cats Café Meowietta cat lounge, where they found their new family!


Their new parents had been wanting to adopt a cat for a while and visited Java Cats with friends to meet some kitties. They fell in love with Zooey, and after hearing her story, they paid a second visit to get to know Emily (since she’d slept through their entire first visit!). After spending time with both girls, they felt confident that the personalities and activity levels of these ladies would be a perfect fit for their lifestyle. They also love that both kitties are keen to lapsit and cuddle.


We were over the moon about Emily and Zooey going home, and then came the icing on the cake: an update with photos! Their new parents shared this about how well these two sweeties are adapting and settling in:


Just reaching out to provide a quick update about Zooey and Emily. Everything has been great so far, they were both very eager to explore the whole apartment and seem to have adjusted well. We are surprised at how vocal Zooey is and how active they are at night. We are so happy that we could provide them both a nice home, and we are looking forward to every day that we get to spend with them. 


We’re thrilled for Emily and Zooey and their new family. Happy tails to all!


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