Update on adopted cat Ginny!

We’ve received a new holiday update from Ginny’s person, along with some stunning photographs! This sweet girl is living the good life, and we couldn’t be happier for her.


I just wanted to send a couple of new photos of Ginny. I did not put a tree up last year so it was interesting to see her reaction this year. She is actually quite behaved around it! She checked it out the first day but has largely left it alone since then – except when she is running 50mph around the house and accidentally runs into a lower branch. Then she swats it a couple of times. She still makes me laugh almost every day with her antics. 😂


Anyway, she is still doing amazing and is loved to the end of the earth.






January 11, 2019

We received this lovely update from Ginny’s person, letting us know how she is doing (click here to read Ginny’s original adoption story):


Just wanted to let you know that Ginny is doing great! I am forever grateful that you all partnered with Java Cats. I went to Java Cats just to relieve stress from work, never intending to adopt but after meeting Ginny on my first visit, I knew it was meant to be.


Still to this day, I cannot believe she was passed over for three years at the Humane Society. Maybe because she is a bit temperamental around other cats? What I can tell you is that as an only cat in the household, she is just about perfect. I have fulfilled my promise to make her the queen of the house and have spoiled her to no end. (Even though her favorite food is fancy feast broth where she only licks the broth and leaves the fancy fish flakes and anchovies. So funny.)


One thing I never expected is that she quickly became quite the lap cat. Or specifically she likes laying on legs that are outstretched. We play all the time (she likes simple basic toys) and she loves to play fetch with her cat dancer/charmer toy. It’s the funniest thing to watch. She loves it when the toy is thrown upstairs (from downstairs). She runs up the stairs, gets it in her mouth, and brings it back down with obvious huge praise from me. We also play “stalk” with each other and run around the house.


I am so happy to have her in my life and grateful that you all kept her around for so long, seeing the potential she could provide to an adopter. I did create an Instagram page for her, although I don’t post as frequently as I should. But feel free to check it out for updated photos since her adoption: @missginnycat 


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