Update on adopted cat Gravy!

Gravy came to us as a kitten who had suffered trauma, and as a result he was extremely shy. His new parents fell in love with him knowing full well about his past and his shyness, and they vowed to give him all the time he needed to adjust to his forever home (click here to read about his adoption). He’s been in his new home for three months now, and we’ve received a happy update about Gravy and a photo of him lounging in his new digs!


From his mom:


Just a quick update on my boy since it’s been a while. He is really coming along! He no longer hides and he’s had several interactions with my dogs. He has his own room and a baby gate to let him control his destiny—but frankly he doesn’t really venture out yet.  This picture is his favorite spot!  He’s still drooling away when he’s happy but no potty accidents at all. He’s snuggly and VERY gentle. Still gaining confidence but we love our big, furry boy. Thanks again!!!


We’re thrilled to hear that Gravy is doing well and enjoying life with his loving family. Thanks to his parents for sending us this happy update!


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