Detention pond taking shape

The walls for the detention pond are going up! The rebar and forms are mostly in place, and concrete should be flowing soon. This stormwater management facility is required by the City of Marietta and is being built per the prescribed specifications.


After construction is complete, stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces (buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, etc.) will be routed to an underground water treatment device and, after a multi-step treatment process, will discharge into the detention pond. Before reaching the pond, the water will be filtered of debris and larger particles and will be slowed by baffles, allowing sediment and pollutants to settle out.


The water treatment device will undergo yearly inspections as well as periodic cleanings. The pond itself will be dry most of the time and should require only minimal maintenance, thanks to the work of the treatment device. There will be a safety fence enclosing the pond on three sides (a wall serves as the barrier on the fourth side) to keep people and wildlife out.


This stormwater management facility added considerable cost to the project, and as you can see, it also eats up a lot of space! But the benefits of treating stormwater in this manner are numerous, which is why it is now required for new construction.


To learn more about the project and our plans for the future, please see our detailed overview.




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