Adopted: Carmen

Carmen first came to the HSCC as a kitten — in 2010! She’s spent most of the past 9 years in a free-roam cat room at our no-kill shelter with other quiet, shy kitties, which suited her mellow personality. During that time, she formed a tight, loving bond with a cat named Victoria. When Victoria passed away, it was a great loss for Carmen, but she pulled through her grief and eventually was transitioned to the Java Cats Café Meowietta cat lounge.


Enter Carmen’s new mom. She had just recently moved to Georgia, and she stopped by Java Cats Café because she was curious about the cat-and-coffee concept. The first kitty to approach her on that visit was Carmen, happy and friendly and beautiful. Carmen’s new mom has another shy cat at home who has been grappling with loneliness after the passing of her own feline companion, just as Carmen did following the loss of Victoria. This caring woman fell in love with Carmen’s sweet personality and knew instinctively that she would be a natural fit for herself and her other cat, so she applied to adopt!


We are thrilled that Carmen has finally found her forever home, and we suspect she will thrive in the role of gentle big sister to her new feline friend. Happy tails to all involved!


Click here to read an update about how Carmen is doing in her forever home!



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