Update on adopted cats Abracadabra and Kate!

When Abracadabra and Kate first went to their new home (click here to read about their adoption), all of us at the HSCC eagerly awaited news about how they were adjusting. After a couple of days, we received an update from their new dad.


He told us that Kate had decided her safe space was going to be the carrier, but she had been going out to explore. She was also being very affectionate with head rubs, tail rubs, and purring. He also noted that he had not once seen her in her throne bed, but Abby was putting it to good use.


Abby made the back of the closet her safe space and would spend time with her new dad when he’d go into the closet and lie on the floor with her. She was still a bit wary but would give lots of head butts and face kisses. She started to venture out of the closet while he was in the room and then she’d run back to him and the safe space.


We received another happy update after the girls had been in their new home for a full month:


The girls are doing much better together and are very confident in their room! So much so that Abby comes out when anyone comes into the room because she wants to see what’s going on. Kate will usually come when I call her and has been moving all over the place! 🙂


We have graduated to leaving the door open when I am home:

 – Kate stays upstairs but walks from room to room and spends the majority of her time outside her safe space.

 – Abby runs downstairs to explore and has a few safe spaces she is learning about. She’s still getting used to the main level and is a bit skittish outside her room.

 – Theia sits outside the room and slowly makes her way into the room. New cats! To be honest she is still pretty defensive and will back away when they get too close. So still slow introductions 🙂



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