Adopted: Kricket

Kricket was in the original batch of HSCC kitties who went to Java Cats Café Meowietta for its grand opening back in July 2018. Since her arrival there, this tiny girl has reigned supreme as queen of the cat lounge, ruling it with an iron paw! She could often be found perched in her favorite spot atop the bootie bin, from which she could survey her domain and serve as lounge greeter. It was a mystery to us why it took so long for her to find her family, but her day has finally come!


Kricket’s new mom lives with her brother, and they both have visited Kricket at Java Cats multiple times. The two of them grew up with a beloved family cat who lived to the ripe old age of 18 years; the siblings have their own place now and miss feline companionship. Kricket reminds them both of their family cat from childhood, and after getting to know her, they fell in love with her — and she with them!


We are so happy that this special girl has finally found her forever home. Happy tails, Kricket!



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