Adopted: Blaise

Blaise first came to us at just a few weeks old, in rough shape and covered with fleas. He arrived in a backpack with his brothers Gandalf and Oscar. Our facility was full at the time, but circumstances indicated that the three tiny kittens could be in imminent danger, so we made room and took them in.


After Blaise was cleaned up and given some TLC, his curious, playful, energetic personality emerged. It also became clear that he was going to be a stunning beauty — his buff-colored coat has remarkable swirl patterns, and he has unusual orangey gold eyes. He did indeed grow up to be a gorgeous cat with a very distinctive look (and he’s still growing!).


We knew he would be a big hit at the Java Cats Café Meowietta cat lounge, and sure enough, he went home with his forever family less than a week after his arrival there. His new family has an adult cat and a German Shepherd puppy; they have been considering adopting another cat for some time now, and when they met Blaise, the decision was made.


Blaise has come so far since his early days, and he still has a whole happy life ahead of him. We are thrilled for him and his new family. Happy tails!


Click here to read an update about how Blaise is doing in his forever home!




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