Update on adopted cat Ziva!

We’ve received a happy update from Ziva’s new family (click here to read about her adoption). It didn’t take long for Ziva to fit right in and become fast friends with the family dog! We are delighted to hear she is doing so well in her new home.


Ziva is doing great and seems to be adjusting really well. We are so happy to have her in our home.  


I’ve attached four pictures with Ziva and Shayne. Shayne really likes her. I think he’s happy to finally have another pet in the family that actually wants to interact with him. Lola, my cat, on the other hand just keeps doing her own thing like she’s always done. She was very curious about Ziva when we first introduced them. She walked up to her, sniffed her, hissed once and walked away and then she was off to resume her normal routine. lol!    


In one of the pictures Ziva is eating cat treats on the floor while Shayne is watching her. In another picture they are nose to nose. In another picture she is on the same cat tower in my office sleeping while Shayne lays on the carpet below. And in the last picture she is on the cat tower on the main floor while Shayne sits nearby.   


Thank you so much for choosing our family to adopt Ziva. We are very happy with her and I think she’s happy too.  



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