Adopted: Ziva

Ziva is a beautiful Siamese Lynx Point who LOVES people. She is a lap cat who never tires of snuggling and cuddling. She adapted quickly to the new environment at Java Cats Café Meowietta, in large part because the cat lounge gave her access to an endless supply of people and laps.


Enter her new family. They used to have a cat who was a cuddler and very people-oriented, but sadly, that kitty passed away from old age a couple of years ago. Their remaining cat is more independent-minded, and they miss having a lap cat. They visited Java Cats hoping to find an affectionate kitty who likes to cuddle, and when they met Ziva, there was no question that she was on the same wavelength!


Ziva is a perfect fit for their home, where she will live with a feline companion and a border collie. The adopters also have a son in college and a teenage daughter who aspires to be a veterinarian. We are thrilled for Ziva and her new family; this is one of those cases that really is a match made in heaven!


Click here to read an update about how Ziva is doing in her forever home!


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