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educationThe Humane Society of Cobb County offers educational programs to children and adults of all ages.  These programs can be for your school, daycare, community events, club meetings, summer programs, and Girl or Boy Troops.  We can come to your location and bring animals to your event, or just offer educational and informational literature.  you may also arrange to come to our facility for hands on learning.  (Due to space limitations groups are limited to less than 20 children).  We do not charge a fee for this program, but will gratefully accept any monetary donations or items from our donation wish list.


What you can learn:

  • pet care
  • how to be a responsible pet owner
  • pet over population
  • importance of collars, tags and micro chips
  • what to do if you lose or find a pet
  • different type of animal life spans
  • hands on with "pocket pets'
  • fun animal facts
  • volunteer information
  • donation information
  • about us



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Kroger Rewards Program

kroger rewards image as pngNow you can help raise funds for the HSCC simply by using your Kroger Plus card at the register! For your purchases to count, please go to https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards to link your Kroger Plus Card to HSCC (organization code 36879), select the HSCC as the organization you wish to support, a portion of your purchase will be donated to us.

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Watch HSCC Video

We have put together an informative video about HSCC to educate the public about what we do and why we do it.  Please take a moment and watch "Hearts & Dreams"!

Click here to view the video...


hscc now on fb as jpg_small webBecome a Facebook fan of the HSCC! Get news about events, animal care and other information.







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