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Important Pet Emergency Information:

Your personal veterinary clinic
Humane Society of Cobb County
Cobb County Animal Control
Animal Control (your county)
Animal Emergency Center Roswell
Animal Emergency Clinic (Atlanta)
Cherokee Emergency Clinic (Woodstock)
Cobb Emergency Clinic (Marietta)
Westside Emergency Clinic (Lithia Springs)
Animal Poison Control (charges per call)
Georgia Poison Control
Deceased Pet Care (Chamblee-charge for services)
Deceased Pet Care (Douglasville-charge for services)
PetDreamsMemorial Center (Kennesaw-charge for services)
AVID Microchip Company (no charge to trace a number)
Home Again Microchip Company (no charge to trace a number)

Have an Emergency Kit & Supplies ready and in containers that are easy to take with you if you must evacuate your pets in an emergency

  • A carrier for each pet (collapsible ones are really nice)
  • Bottled water and pet food for at least a week
  • Food and water dishes (collapsible ones and ones that hook onto the cage doors are available)
  • Leash, extra collar with tags (collar & tags can also be used immediately after your pet is bathed just put it back in your emergency kit when your pet’s regular collar is put back on your pet )
  • Disposable litter pans and litter that fit into the carrier
  • Medications
  • Copies of your pet’s rabies certificate, vaccine record, and any prescriptions/medications
  • First aid kit
  • Towels or bedding for the carriers (appropriate for your pet)
  • Flashlight
  • Small blanket (helps in handling injured pets safely)
  • Emergency numbers and information
  • A picture of your pet
  • Your name, phone number, address and the name, phone number and address of an emergency contact person if you are unable to care for your pet

First Aid Kit Supply List

  • Gauze and first aid tape
  • Scissors and tweezers
  • Ace bandage (for splints, or wrapping the muzzle)
  • Styptic powder (for nail bleeding)
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Hydrogen peroxide (for wounds and to induce vomiting)


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